Up and Running on OUYA

  July 4, 2013

Just received my OUYA and got Glob the game up and running first thing! It looks great and runs very smoothly in HD. The gameplay in the video is the first level of the game.

Gameplay Video on Nexus 7

  May 9, 2013

I just picked up a Nexus 7 to start testing Glob on Android. This is a nice little tablet! Glob the game is running beautifully at 60 fps and the screen looks very crisp. I tested out one of the tougher levels and recorded a video :

New Animation Software: Spine

  April 23, 2013

sharpBird munch

Esoteric Software recently added Unity support to Spine, a new skeletal animation program I backed on kickstarter. If you are developing a 2d game I’d recommend checking Spine out! It supports quite a few game engines besides Unity, including Corona, Cocos2d, XNA, amongst others. Good UI and I haven’t had any stability...

Fun with physics

  April 11, 2013

Glob will not only have to contend with many angry enemies during the journey, there’s also the realistic physics! Boulders will roll heavily towards Glob, and unfortunately Rock beats Glob :(

Creating a Baddie!

  April 6, 2013

Here’s a quick video showing my process for creating bad guys in Glob the game. I’m using the excellent SmoothMoves plugin for Unity to animate the creatures. I’ve nicknamed this guy “Munch”. He’d like nothing more than a tasty Glob treat!


  March 26, 2013

Thanks for checking out Glob the game.

Glob the game is being developed with Unity and will be released on IOS, Android, PC and Mac.
This blog will contain development updates, artwork and other news concerning the game.

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